I know you are probably thinking what else you can possibly drink either than Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV ) “With The Mother”. Well, this might be your remedy to lose that belly fat in a short space of time and believe me it works. What people don’t get is that you also have to adjust your diet so that you can see results in a short span of time.

There is absolutely no way you will see results of you drinking a shot or two mixed in warm water every morning if your diet is bad, I can bet my last 50 rands.

That said, Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV ) has an astounding amount of health benefits. Though I do wish I could just spritz myself with ACV and call it a day, the health benefits of drinking it are far greater than my overall hatred of its taste. It helps suppress appetite, so by virtue of that your weight is likely to decrease. I drank it every morning in warm water with immune boosting spices (Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper & many more you can add) and I lost inches off my waist like crazy.
But then again, I repeat, if you are not eating a well balanced and healthy diet you will dread seeing results as fast as possible like I did.
However, I later learnt that whilst you are drinking your ACV, drinking it with a straw is highly recommended so that your teeth do not get affected in the long run.

Now you are probably still confused on how to drink it, Here is the PLUG loves:
-Before you even dilute your ACV, shake it thoroughly
-Always dilute ACV in a glass of water preferably warm water and drink on an empty stomach. Remember a straw is more directional and safer to use to protect your teeth.

There are days where I feel I need to detox and because I am an advanced ACV drinker, I now mix it with my green tea and that combo detoxed me in one night. I will obviously not leave out the part where I do not tell you guys that I spent twenty percent of my nights in the toilet. ( because of the ACV & green tea combo )
I have shared pictures of the exact green tea I use.
Do not forget to throw in a slice of lemon or two just to add some flavour, this green tea is also good for weight loss & weight management.

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